2022 Dr. med. Thomas Graier, Graz
Biologic drug survival rates in the era of anti-interleukin-17 antibodies: a time-period-adjusted registry analysis
2021 Dr.med.univ. Peter Kölblinger, Salzburg
Adjuvant anti-PD-1 antibody treatment in stage III/IV melanoma: real-world experience and health economic considerations
  Clemens Schöffl, BSc., Graz
The crux of C1-INH testing in everyday lab work
2020 Dr. Christine Prodinger, Salzburg
Profiling trial burden and patients‘ attitudes to improve clinical research in epidermolysis bullosa
  Univ.-Doz. Dr. Benedikt Weber, Wien
The frequency of photosensitizing drug dispensings in Austria and Germany: A correlation with their photosensitizing potential based on published literature