(vorm. Dissertationspreis)

2023 Dr. med.univ. Martin Direder,Wien
A unique Schwann cell subtype contributing to keloid formation
  Deborah Minzaghi, PhD
The role of environmental triggers in the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis
2022 Dr.med.univ. Polina Kalinina, Linz
WFDC12 and miR-155 contribute to skin homeostasis by regulating the enzymatic activity and keratinocyte differentiation in the epidermis
  Dr.med.univ. Lukas Koch, Graz
Molecular allergy diagnostics is highly sensitive and prevents misdiagnosis in patients sensitized to aeroallergens
  Dr.med.univ. Birgit Sadoghi, Graz
Prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of urethritis, cervicitis and genital ulcer diseases
2021 Theresa Benezeder, MSc., Graz
Dithranol in psoriasis and beyond
  Sonja Dorfer, MSc., Wien
The role of papillomavirus infection in skin carcinogenesis
2020 Dominik Klaver, MSc., Innsbruck
Formyl peptide receptor 3 mediates lipocalin allergen-induced Th2 immunity in human dendritic cells
  Vijay Kumar Patra, MSc., PhD., Graz
Insight into the role of skin microbiome in UV-induced immune modulation and its potential link to pathogenesis of polymorphic light eruption
  Judith Wenzina, MSc, Wien
The Function of JNK and p38 in Melanoma Invasiveness
2019 Mag.pharm.Dr. Lisa Binder, Wien 
Application of spectroscopic techniques in skin research - Analysis of skin properties and penetration monitoring of dermally applied drugs and additives
2018 Dr.med.univ. Stefan Blunder, Innsbruck
Mechanisms of skin barrier dysfunction
Patricia Freire, Wien
IgE-driven auto-immunity in bullous pemphigoid
Dr.med.univ. Iris Wohlmuth-Wieser, Salzburg
The Multiple Faces of Cutaneous T-cell Lymphomas
2017 Pablo Vieyra-Garcia, Graz
Pathophysiology of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma: Understanding of neoplastic Tcells and non-malignant infiltrate in lesional skin
2016 Dr. Denise-Silvia Beltzung, Wien
Simultaneous determination of the skin penetration of drug and vehicle compounds by 19F-NMR and assessment of their interaction with the skin by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy
Dr. Klaudia Schossleitner, Wien
The role of tight junctional adaptor protein cingulin in vascular leak
2015 Dr. Marie-Charlotte Brüggen, Wien
Cellular and molecular signatures of cutaneous graft-versus-host disease
2014 Dr. Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Magdalena Heinz
2013 Dr. Gaurav Pathria, Wien
2012 Dr. Veronika Mlitz, Wien
2011 n/a
2010 Dr. Teresa Valero, Wien
2009 Dr. Christina Gruber, Salzburg 
Dr. Arby Abtin, Wien
2008 Dr. Stefan Amatschek, Wien
Dr. Anita Lassacher, Graz
2007 Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Fischer, Wien
Dr. Dorian Winter, Wien
2006 Dr. Barbara Auner, Wr. Neustadt
2005 Dr. Georg Stary, Wien
Dr . Thomas Wiesner, Graz
2004 Dr. Barbara Ferra, Linz
Dr. Robert Perfler, Innsbruck
Dr. Karoline Stur, Wien
Dr. Hemma Elisabeth Tilz, Graz
2003 Dr. Petra Lührs, Wien
Dr. Martin J. Glatz, Graz
2002 Dr. Angelika Riemer, Wien
Dr. Martina Eisserer, Voitsberg
Dr. Birgit Schafleitner, Salzburg
2001 Dr. Patrizia Stoizner, Innsbruck
Dr. Martina Prelog, Innsbruck
Dr. Eva Christine Weiss, Graz
2000 Dr. Andrea Kolesaric, Wien
Dr. Konstanze Riedl, Wien
1999 Dr. Sassan Rezaie, Wien
Dr. Sonja Lechleitner, Wien
1998 Dr. Edda Fiebiger, Wien
Dr. Frieder Koszik, Wien
Dr. Ernst Kriehuber, Wien
Dr. Volker Wachek, Wien
1997 Dr. Achim Schneeberger, Wien
1996 Dr. Aumaid Uthmann, Wien
Dr. Angelika Mörl, Innsbruck
1995 Dr. Birgit Osterhoff, Wien
Dr. Birthe Sauter, Wien
Dr. Sabine Hittler, Salzburg