Natalia Alkon, MSc., Wien
Single-cell analysis reveals innate lymphoid cell lineage infidelity in atopic dermatitis

Izabela Malgorzata Borek, MSc., Graz
BMP7 aberrantly induced in the psoriatic epidermis instructs inflammation-associated Langerhans cells
Dr. Johanna Strobl, Wien
Anti-Apoptotic Molecule BCL2 Is a Therapeutic Target in Steroid-Refractory Graft-Versus-Host Disease

Dominik Klaver, MSc., Innsbruck
Peptides from allergenic lipocalins bind to formyl peptide receptor 3 in human dendritic cells to mediate TH2 immunity
Vijay Kumar Patra, MSc., PhD., Graz 
Skin Microbiome Modulates the Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on Cellular Response and Immune Function

Dr. Stanislava Tzaneva, Wien
Fumaric acid esters in combination with a 6-week course of narrowband ultraviolet B provides an accelerated response compared with fumaric acid esters monotherapy in patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis: a randomized prospective clinical study
Pablo Augusto Vieyra Garcia, MSc, Graz
Cbl-b deficiency provides protection against UVB-induced skin damage by modulating inflammatoy gene signature

Patricia Freire, Wien
IgE auto-reactivity in bullous pemphigoid: eosinophils and mast cells as major targets of pathogenic immune reactants
Nitesh Shirsath, PhD, Graz
Blocking mTOR Signalling with Rapamycin Ameliorates Imiquimodinduced Psoriasis in Mice

Dr. Stefan Blunder, Innsbruck
Alterations in epidermal eicosanoid metabolism contribute to inflammation and impaired late differentiation in FLG-mutated AD
Dr. Johannes Griss, Wien
Recognizing millions of consistently unidentified spectra across hundreds of shotgun proteomics datasets

Dr. Elisabeth Glitzner, Wien
Specific roles for dendritic cell subsets during initiation and progression of psoriasis
Dr. Tamara Kopp, Wien
Clinical improvement in psoriasis with specific targeting of interleukin-23

2014 Dr. Marie-Charlotte Brüggen, Wien

Dr. Partick Brunner, Wien 
Dr. Katharina Grabmeier-Pfistershammer; Wien

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